Alongsiders 2: People of Peace [Kath & Cam, Mozambique]

May 11, 2023 Baptist Mission Australia Episode 43
Alongsiders 2: People of Peace [Kath & Cam, Mozambique]
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There are many different understandings of the phrase 'person of peace', and Nathan, Kath and Cam dive into all of them in this podcast episode!

Cam and Kath are dynamic storytellers, deep thinkers and all around wonderful people who are faithfully - and courageously - living out God's call to share His love. Don't miss their rich and joyful conversation with Nathan Reid.

Kath and Cam have been serving with Baptist Mission Australia in Mozambique for ten years. And in conversation with host Nathan, they share stories of how God has gone before them and placed people of peace in their lives - opening Kingdom opportunities.

They also explore how God is growing them as peacemakers themselves. Teaching them to listen well, journey alongside, take it slow and just be willing to step out.

This is a rich conversation full of stories, deep reflections and laughter. Enjoy!


The next episode in our Alongsiders podcast series will be out on Thursday 18 May and focus on the theme of 'People of Love'.

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Episode introduction
Meet the guests!
What is a person of peace?
Being peacemakers
Story from Kath
Finding peace
Exploring Acts 16
Story from Cam
Culture of peace
Slow work
Deep relationships
Hospital toilet project
Thanks and prayer