Alongsiders 1: People of Prayer [Daz & Bee, South East Asia]

May 04, 2023 Baptist Mission Australia Episode 42
Alongsiders 1: People of Prayer [Daz & Bee, South East Asia]
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Welcome to the first episode of the Alongsiders podcast series for May Mission Month 2023!

Our host is Nathan Reid, one of our Mission Coaches. Our guests are Daz and Bee, two of our intercultural team members serving in South East Asia. And our theme is 'People of Prayer'.

In this conversation, Bee and Daz share about their experience of prayer, how this has evolved since moving to South East Asia five years ago and how God is shaping them - day by day - to be people of prayer. They share vulnerably about challenges they have experienced and what God taught them about prayer during those seasons.

They also explore the story of Jesus retreating to pray in Mark 1:35-39.

What does being a person of prayer mean for you?


The next episode in our Alongsiders podcast series will be out on Thursday 11 May and focus on the theme of 'People of Peace'.

Explore the full suite of May Mission Month resources: www.baptistmissionaustralia.org/MMMresources

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Episode introduction
Meet the guests!
What is prayer?
Has prayer changed?
Rhythms of prayer
Alongsiders who pray
Story of answered prayer
Giving God the glory
Jesus retreats
The Good Shepherd
How do you know it's God?
What's God teaching you?
Thanks and prayer