Resonate Read Through: Edition 40

December 20, 2022 Baptist Mission Australia
Resonate Read Through: Edition 40
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Here is an audio version of edition 40 of our Resonate magazine. It's the same content as the magazine, just another way to engage with it!

Edition 40: 

  • Malawi: Stories and Ministry Update
  • Spirit-led people: Reflections from our team
  • Celebrating 40! Marking 40 Resonates over 16 years 
  • Outback Australia: Team Spotlight
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Scott's welcome letter
Article 1: Movement in Malawi
Article 2: Everywhere to Everywhere
Article 3: Equipping leaders
Article 4: Celebrating 40 editions!
Article 5: Spirit-led people
Article 6: Outback Australia spotlight
Article 7: The inbetweeness of prepartion
Article 8: Partnership tapestry
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