Everywhere to Everywhere 2 [Simon and Widya, South East Asia]

October 13, 2022 Baptist Mission Australia Episode 38
Everywhere to Everywhere 2 [Simon and Widya, South East Asia]
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Baptist Mission Australia is enthusiastically embracing a future of mission where believers from everywhere are sent everywhere. But what does that mean? What are the unique, complex challenges that this model of mission brings up? And what the keys to thriving multicultural teams?

The 'Everywhere to Everywhere' podcast series is all about exploring these questions and more.

This global shift in intercultural mission doesn't come with simple answers! So will you come on the journey with us through this podcast series and beyond?

Everywhere to Everywhere: Episode Two
In episode two, we meet the wonderful Simon and Widya. Widya and Simon are from South East Asia and are preparing to join the team in South East Asia.

In conversion with our series host, Geoff Maddock (VIC/TAS State Leader), Simon and Widya share their unique journey to joining the Baptist Mission Australia team, as well as the ways in which serving in their home country will be both easier and harder for them compared to their Australian-born team mates.

They also reflect deeply on the unique challenges of multicultural teams and the key thing they believe is needed in order to harness the power of multicultural teams.

Simon and Widya's life and ministry experience has given them a rich perspective on this theme. We pray you are as encouraged and inspired as you listen.

Simon and Widya are seeking partners to join with them in their ministry through praying and giving. Could this be you or your church? Find out more: www.baptistmissionaustralia.org/SimonWidya


Everywhere to Everywhere episodes will be released on weekly in October. 

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Episode Introduction
Meet the guests!
Widya and Simon's journey to join the team
Why Baptist Mission Australia?
How is serving in SEA different for Simon and Widya?
Observations on the Australian church
Reflections on polycentric mission
What's the future of mission?
Thanks and prayer