Everywhere to Everywhere 1 [Muana, Thailand & Jodie MacCartney, Melbourne]

October 06, 2022 Baptist Mission Australia Episode 37
Everywhere to Everywhere 1 [Muana, Thailand & Jodie MacCartney, Melbourne]
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We're on a journey. In partnership with our global Baptist movement, Baptist Mission Australia is seeking to rethink the ‘from the west to the rest’ model of intercultural mission, and move to a ‘from everywhere to everywhere’ model. 

And that's the focus of this 'Everywhere to Everywhere' podcast series.

The future of global mission is polyvocal and polycentric. Polyvocal, meaning many voices, and polycentric, meaning many centres. This is about elevating the voices of people from diverse cultural, linguistic and geographical backgrounds and decentering the western church as the instigator, decision maker, sender and funder.

This conversation is happening at a global level. And we want to be part of it. At a Baptist Mission Australia level, we are actively seeking to open the circle to welcome new people, partnerships and possibilities. We invite you to come on the journey with us through this podcast series and beyond.

Everywhere to Everywhere: Episode One
In this first episode, we meet our series host Geoff Maddock and hear from guests Muana and Jodie. Muana brings rich lived experience to the conversation as an intercultural team member sent from India by Baptist Mission Australia and the Baptist Churches of Mizoram to Thailand. He's been there with Villy and their three daughters for 20 years! And Jodie MacCartney brings great insight from her years serving in Thailand as well as from her current role at Baptist Mission Australia as a Mobilisation Specialist.

Together, Geoff, Muana and Jodie explore what polycentric and polyvocal mission is, and then flesh out the concepts with stories and reflections from their lived experience. It's a conversation full of humility, faithfulness and questions without simple answers. Join us!

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What's great about a polycentric approach?
What's challenging about a polycentric approach?
Jodie's experience in Thailand
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