Resonate Read Through: Edition 39

August 09, 2022 Baptist Mission Australia
Resonate Read Through: Edition 39
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Prefer to listen to Resonate magazine?

For this episode of Missioning, we have recorded an audiobook style read through of the latest Resonate magazine, edition 39. It's the same content as the magazine, just another way to engage with it!

Edition 39: 

  • South East Asia: Stories and Ministry Update
  • What's Next? Discernment Feature
  • How Did I Get Here? Milestones from Ngoc in Indochina 
  • Thailand: Country and Team Spotlight

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Scott's welcome letter
Article 1: Crossing the Street in South East Asia
Article 2: Crossing the Street Moments
Article 3: What's Next?
Article 4: Walk the World
Article 5: Looking Like Jesus
Article 6: What We're Learning From Our Mistakes
Article 7: Thailand Country Spotlight
Article 8: How Did I Get Here?
Article 9: Leisha
Outro and thank you!